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I wanted to train up a full IV Ferrothorn, so I caught one in the wild. I checked the IVs and the man said; "Incidentally, I would say that its greatest potential lies in its HP. But its Attack stat is good too. And, well, its speed stat is good, too. But this Sp. Def stat is going to leave you high dry."
I thought this was perfect to train, so I started breeding it until I got the nature that I wanted and egg moves. I managed to get a Ferroseed with IVs in it's Def and Sp. Def. So I tried to breed the HP - Attack - speed with Def and Sp. Def. But all I got was clones of the parents and ones with less IVs. I have made no progress getting def and sp. def with and of the states of HP, Attack and speed. I am using the destiny knot and everstone as well. I even tried using the power bands on the single IV ones but got nothing. I have been breeding for a very long time now and still haven't been able to mix Def and Sp. def with hp - attack -speed. Is it because the man mentioned it's sp def is bad with the one with HP - attack - speed IVs?? Or is it because it has a really low chance to mix? I have no idea whats wrong, please help me.

Pls give more info. Who is the other parent? What game are you playing? Can you be a tiny bit more descriptive? Thanks.
@LDT, He's playing X and Y.
And by 'less IVs', do you mean 'less **perfect** IVs'?
@Indigo I mean they didn't have as many perfect IVs and both parents are ferroseeds. (sorry if it is not as descriptive as it should be this is my first time using this website.)
I answered it. I think I answered it correctly? x)

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To get a perfect IV Pokemon, between both parents there needs to be perfect IVs.

For example:
MOTHER: x/31/31/x/x/31
FATHER: 31/x/x/x/31/x

You don't want the perfect Sp. Atk stat, so I left it out. What I am saying, is that the mother's imperfect IVs need to be filled in by the father, and vice versa. Once you've done that, it all remains on luck as to if you'll get a perfect offspring.

And it won't really 'mix up' the IVs. Like, the Defense IV from the mother/father will be given to the offspring as the Defense IV. Like, it would be:
>Oh! He/She's got your eyes.
>Oh! He/She's got your feet.
>Oh! He/She's got your Defense IV.

So, if that's what you're thinking, you're wrong. Just sayin'. :3

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience

ty helps aa lot :)
Just saying, you don't just pass on the IVs like that.
"Oh! He/She's got your Defense IV."

Best Quote Earth.
@LDT, who are you talking to? x)
You have to hold onto the Destiny Knot, but he was already doing that so I didn't add that. :3
I'm saying they don't just pass the IVs like that, the one without the destiny knot. I'm talking to you, Indigo. x)
If one of the parents holds the Destiny Knot, both parents pass down IVs.
"However, as of X & Y, if you have one of the parents hold the Destiny Knot item, then 5 IVs total from either parent will be guaranteed to be transferred"