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My friend wants to know which to choose for his team. So far he has Salamence, Dragonite, Metagross, Milotic, and Heracross. I already told him having 2 dragon types in his team is a bad idea, so you might also have to recommend another Pokemon. Please respond quickly!

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This is from a competitive standpoint:
As the team look now, neither of those Pokemon is recommendable. Typewise they aren't bad, but you need something with more and better resistances. That's why I would recommend Excadrill.
Your biggest issue isn't the Dragon or Ice weakness, its your overwhelming Electric weakness. That's why Excadrill is perfect for your team, taking care of Dragons and resisting/killing users of the Bolt-Beam combo.
That creates a different problem however. Your team is almost mutually consisting of physical attackers, meaning a Skarmory or Forretress walls you completely. That's why Salamance need to run a mixed attacking set and Dragonite need to go. They are very similar and you just dont need both of them. So know I would suggest one of the Pokemon you wanted to use, Gengar. It helps balance the physical-special ratio and brings great type coverage and speed to the team. So that's my final verdict, Excadrill and Gengar.

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Nice one
It's not my team, it's my friend's.
Oh, I actually just read it... Well explained but I STILL wouldn't go for Excadrill.
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I would recommend them this order:

1. Gengar (For a boost in Special Attack)
2. Umbreon (For some defense power on your team)
3. Absol (For some attacking power, even though you have Heracross)
4. Spiritomb (He is mediocre all-around)
5. Hydreigon (Adding it will make 3 of your Pokemon weak to Ice.)

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Thanks! Should my friend also replace one of his dragon Pokemon since he has 2 on his team? If so, then with what?
Couldn't of said it better! SparkyB if you want to replace one of those Pokemon wait one sec and I'll find out.

EDIT: there's your answer!
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Le scraf basically answered your question but I'll answer the part in which you need to replace a Pokemon.

2 dragon Pokemon is fine, I have a whole team of dark types! xD But here are some pointers...

I recommend I fire type because as far as my knowledge goes you don't have one.
(They are sooo needed because White 2 is a struggle without. Found out myself)

You have just one mere defensive Pokemon, add Umbreon or Mandibuzz.
(Sorry, I like dark types)

Although your Dragons have resistance to grass, a lot don't
(And if this is XY then Dragons won't have a lot of resistances.)


Add a fire type. I'd maybe get rid of Dragonite or Metagross since Milotic can defend against fire attacks. Heracross maybe be a bug but his attack is good and you need him.

Hope this helped you decide! :)

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Metagross is weak to fire
Sorry! My bad. I forgot he was a steel type. Get rid of him rather than Milotic then.

EDIT: I changed it now