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I am on a grand quest to find a friend safari with Diggersby in it. I have searched far and wide to find the perfect person, but sadly I was out of luck. I have a lofty total of 39 friends, and only 2 of them have the ground type, and NEITHER have Diggersby. I would continue my eternal search, but stands before me a troublesome obstacle that I have yet to overcome or even know how to overcome.

Sorry I'll stop the pansy talk.

So basically I was doing the thing I normally do, trading/battling people so I could add them to my friend list, but for some reason the game won't allow me the option to add them. Even after I have traded/battled my acquaintances MULTIPLE times. Normally if I battle my acquaintance 1 or 2 times, the game offers me the option to register them on my friend list. Ever since I have reached 39, the game doesn't display that option anymore.

My question, is the limit 39 friends? Or am I simply doing something wrong?
(Note: the same problem applies to ALL my acquaintances)

Also, is there a way to delete some of my friends from the friend list? Because you can do it with acquaintances, but not friends as far as I can tell.

I have like 50--60friends
Dragneel999 wow talk about dedication, have you counted them properly though? I first thought I had 50 something friends but I counted them one by one and turned out I had 39.

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The limit for the number of friends you can have is 100. Therefore, the limit for the number of friend safaris you can have is 100. The reason you may not be able add friends is that they may have a setting that means they cannot gain friends, or that they are simply refusing before you get the screen. As for deleting friends, go to the 3ds friend list and select `delete friend card' and then select the friend you wish to delete.

This isn't entirely true you can add more than 100 by adding passerby players and acquaintances doing this I have gained access to over 100 friend safaris