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how do you translate that to a Pokemon friend? I know I've had a 3DS friend online, but I couldn't work out how to register that person as an in-game friend, and I'm pretty sure I need to do that to get the third Pokemon, and hidden abilities (of which I don't have for any of the 4-5 people I've registered so far, correct me if I'm wrong)


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First of all, you need to beat the Elite Four to get your 3rd Pokémon unlocked.
Secondly, to get the 3rd from a friend, he/she needs to beat the Elite Four, too.

Thirdly, IF your friend HAS a Pokémon file, then they'll automatically become friends with you in-game. Just be sure to turn the Internet-connection on (both on your 3DS and in-game via the blue button on the PSS), and you'll automatically be connected.

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still no friends on PSS, and I'm looking at this person online on pokemon X. Meanwhile all my 3DS friends are listed as safari zones. Do THEY need to hit the friendly blue button to register their profile online? best I can tell, I've done everything right. I can only hope they've beaten the elite 4, and I'm pretty sure you can't get to the friend safari until after you beat the elite 4 in your own game, so yes, I have, although I thought I read somewhere that both people need to be online at the same time to get the third slot
Your 3DS friends can be Safari Zones, but unless they have the game and have beaten the Elite Four, you can't get a 3rd Pokémon from them.
As for both being online at the same time, you're kinda wrong about that. Check out this link:
yeah, I've since worked out the finer details of that, my game just wasn't registering him as an in game friend for some reason. I now understand that hidden abilities are just MORE common when both people are online at the same time. More importantly for me, you need to both be online at the same time AFTER defeating the elite 4 to access the third pokemon, have I got that right?
To access the 3rd, NO you both don't need to be online at the same time to access it. Only for Hidden Abilities.