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I don't know anyone that plays this game, and I dont know what the number everyone gives out so they can become friends is. I would really appreciate some help with this.. I am referring to Pokemon X I dont know if this makes a difference!
Where do I find out what my Friend Code is so that I can give it to people?
What's the best way to add friends to unlock the things in Safari Zone without actually having any "friends" on the game haha how sad!!! :S

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Since Crimson edited the question to ''Where do I find out what my friend code is so that I can give it to people?'' or I didn't see, I'm gonna edit.

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This video can help you by finding your Friend-Code.

You can go to the Pokémondb Chat and ask people there if they want to exchange their Friend-Code with yours.
Some people around Pokémondb, have their FC in their profile page and you can ask in their wall if they want to Exchange the FC with you.

There are some social-network pages that you can Exchange you FC with some people all over the world. Click Me and Click Me. Those 2 pages have a great ammount of players and anyone can exchange with your FC for you have more friend safaris.

I don't have X/Y, but if I had, I would exchange my FC with you :)

Hope this helps.

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First, you need to find your Friend Code.
3ds menu
See the Orange smiley face at the top? Click that. If you go to your own Mii, it should display your Friend Code.

Now you need to register friends. To register each other as friends, stay in the Friend menu and press an orange smiley face with a plus mark. It will then give you two options. If your friend's console is within range, you can both scan the area for eachother and exchange friend codes. If you want to do it long-range, then you must enter your friend's code manually. Be aware that two register both you and your friend must enter each other's codes, and even if you enter your friend's they will not receive a friend request message or anything, so both sides must be aware of eachother's codes.

A good place to exchange codes on the Internet is Reddit, or you can ask people on this site's chat.

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