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Will your Friend Safari change if you played Pokemon X/Y on a different 2/3ds console?
My safari is Flying however my friend's is Dark.
If I played my X version on my Friend's 3DS will my Type be Dark ?
Also if it does change does that mean you can catch Pokemon from your own Safari ?

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http://www.reddit.com/r/friendsafari/comments/1vovfn/how_to_change_your_friend_safari_pokemon/ according to this, if you reset your factory settings, you can get a new safari. It doesn't say anything about switching 3ds', though.
I'm pretty sure it does because a friend code isn't measured in the game card but the actual 2/3DS.  So yes. If you're friends with the other DS you can catch from your own safari. I'm not ABSOLUTELY positive though, hence why this is only a comment and not an answer.

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Yes, it does. I have a friend who uses the same game cartridge on two different 3DS systems, and she gets two Friend Safaris because, as DemonFlygawne said, '...a friend code isn't measured in the game card but the actual 2/3DS.'
Since Demon got it correct, I am perfectly willing to change this to a comment and let him get BA. :)

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Yay thank you :D
I upvoted  you and I'll give you a BA for now but if Demon answers I will give him the BA if you want :D
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