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Just wondering.
Also, what are the chances of hatching a normal Adamant Charmander?

Low. Very very low.

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Well, in X and Y it's a 1/4,096 of getting a shiny... so that's hard already!! :D

And, there are 25 possible natures, so that's a 1/25 shot.

So the answer is simply 1/4,096 x 1/25. So, it's a 1/102,400 chance of getting a Shiny Adamant Charmander. Good luck! :D

Of course, the Everstone breeding technique can take place, to make things a little easier. If one of the parents has an Adamant nature, they can hold an Everstone and the offspring is guaranteed to have it's nature. So it can still be a 1/4096 chance, with the Adamant nature guaranteed. Also, if you use the Masuda Method the chances are increased even more. So, normally it would be a one in a hundred thousand chance but with using the Everstone and the Masuda Method, the odds will still be rare, but hey - if shininess and natures were actually in real life, roughly only 7,000 in the world people would be a Shiny Adamant. x)

As for a normal Adamant Charmander, it would only be a much less overwhelming 1/25 chance since there are only 25 natures. But the aforementioned Everstone can guarantee a normal Adamant Charmander, if one of the parents of the Charmander has an Adamant nature, as well as an Everstone. Hooray for guaranteedness! :D

So yeah. Have fun. :3

Hope I helped. :)
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Crappy maths
4096 x 25 = 102400
It's the calculator's fault. x(
They halved the shiny chance in X&Y?
The calculator says its 102400. e3e