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Like, in the game where you can't control yourself, but the game controls it for you. Do those count as steps?

A good question. I would assume not, because if an egg would hatch while you're uncontrollable then it'd have to interrupt the game to play the hatching scene.

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No, they do not.

I tested this by going to Hearthome City in Platinum, and talked to the Fisherman that leads you to the Contest Hall. I had the pedometer on in the Poketch, and the pedometer's number did not increase, hence my outcome. Did you care about what I just said then? x3

Hope I helped. :)

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But that's Gen IV. There could be a change in Gen V/VI, but you're most likely right.
Like what Era of Songs said, it would be a bit weird to have the egg hatch in the middle of the walking scene.