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I all ready have two eevee evolotion including Umbreon,Vaporeon and am hoping to breed and get all of the other types. But as it is on HG, I cant take them to level up at eterna forest or rout 217. Where do I take my eevees to evolve into glaceon and leafeon?


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It's sad but you can only get them from plat diamond or perl in black and white you can get em too but its not helping you so you will have to trade from a sinoh game

Aww thats a reall shame as I cant even use wi-fi! Aw well I'll have to use it at my mates house!
Well in Black/White there is a Moss Rock at Yaguruma Forest for Leafeon, and an Ice Rock at Spiral Mountain for Glaceon. Obviously that won't help right now but if you can wait....
what do you mean 'Yaguruma Forest' ? It's pinwheel forest.
The English name wasn't known when that comment was posted, if you notice the date.
I tried with White 2... It was no help...   :-\