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So now I have a brave male absol with the move play rough.
I want a flawless 6IV brave hidden ability absol.
I have a female absol that doesn't know play rough and also doesn't have the nature, brave but it has the hidden ability, justified.
I have:
Destiny Knot

If I use power items, how do I use them to use to get a 6IV brave justified absol?
How do I pass down all 6 IVs to the baby?


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Here's the guide I used. I hope you don't mind a link, it's a lot to type.

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Give the Brave Male Absol the Everstone and give the Female Absol the Destiny Knot. This ensures you that the offspring will have a Brave Nature. Since your Absol knows Play Rough the Offspring will have the move Play Rough and a Brave Nature. Getting the Hidden Ability will be pure luck. As for getting 6 IV's that will be pretty difficult.

However, as of X & Y, if you have one of the parents hold the Destiny
Knot item, then 5 IVs total from either parent will be guaranteed to
be transferred-Serebii

As you can see you'll only be guaranteed with 5 IVs, but getting the 6th IV will be by luck.
Tip: If you hatched a Female Absol with Justified and it has better IVs than the Mother, then swap the offspring with the Mother and give the offspring the Destiny Knot instead. Rinse and Repeat.