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How do I past down hidden abilities with my female absol?
Do I give the everstone to ditto to past down natures with my female absol with hidden ability?

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Well, Absol is fine as long as it has it's Hidden Ability. Ditto's the stupid problem here, though. :3

Alas, it is possible to pass down Hidden Abilities, just not with Ditto. Your Female Absol has to breed with a male Pokemon from the same egg group, if you wanna pass down the Hidden Ability. So if you wanna pass down the nature as well as a Hidden Ability, you'll need to find a new Pokemon with your preferred nature. Sorry. D:

Once you've done this, you can breed the two Pokemon and it will be a 60% chance that the offspring will have the Hidden Ability. Hooray! :D

Hope I helped. :)
Source and Absol's Bulbapedia Page

answered by - just note that male Pokemon have a chance of passing down hidden abilities when breeding with a Ditto.