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I have heard that the shiny chance is somewhere around 1/4096 instead of 1/8192 now. Is this true?


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Yeah, it's true.


You can also go pretty much anywhere else and see that it's halved.

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I've found 2 shiny pokemon in the Friend Safari (Cacturne and Dugtrio) by just walking around :P
I'm just wondering do those same rules apply in the friend safari? If it isn't than what is it?
There are rumours that the Friend Safari's shiny rate is increased, we're not sure though.
not halved, doubled the chance...if it was halved, you'd never get shinies X3
It depends on which point of view you're looking at it from.
1/8192 --> 1/4096
Basically, it's double the chance, but it looks like it's halved?? ;)