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Has this question been asked yet? Is there any reason they made it this way, or was Gamefreak just having fun? It just seems so random. Did they want to use the gyroscope for something other than pictures/holo caster?

The real question  is, HOW did anyone find out that this was the method of evolution in the first place?
That's a different question I saw....
I think Gamefreak released this way of evolving. It was not  someone who found out about this on their own .  :)
Those two are probably the most Topsy-Turvy Pokémon I've ever seen...

Sooooo much turning.... (&P) <- That's a face I made up, to look confused.

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I think they wanted to add a new type of evolution into the game, and one that was unique. Also, Inkay kind of looks like Malamar upside down, and vice versa.

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Oh, Inkay kind of does look like Malamar upside down. I didn't notice that.
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If you look closeley, Malamar's head comes from the bottom of its previous evolution.

(It may be a bit confusing)