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My team feels a little bit unbalanced, so I was thinking for going with a different type Pokemon possibly with flamethrower?

[Kings rock]Togekiss(Serene Grace)- Roost, Air Slash, nasty plot, ancient power
[Toxic orb]Breloom (Poison heal)- Spore, Drain punch, Sword Dance, Stone Edge
[Big root]]Lanturn(Volt absorb)- Stockile, Thunderbolt, Icebeam, Aquaring
[Leftovers]Drifblim(Aftermath)- Will-O-wisp, Hex, Stockpile, Rest
[leftovers]Golem(sturdy) - thunderpunch, Autonomise, Earthquake, Firepunch(or Rockpblast/explosion) BUT NOT TOO SURE IF I SHOULD HAVE GOLEM ON MY TEAM BUT I LIKE HIM :)

you asked the question twice.

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I would recommend using a Fighting type Pokémon because just from looking at your team’s weaknesses I can see that four of your Pokémon are weak to Ice type moves, two of your Pokémon are weak to Rock type moves and two of your Pokémon are weak to Steel type moves.

Therefore having a Fighting type Pokémon will cover some of the weaknesses in your team and provide additional coverage against Normal and Dark types.

Another reason why I would use a Fighting type in your case is because you have two Flying type Pokémon in your team and Flying is weak to Rock. A Fighting type would be prefect to use because Fighting types resist Rock types and are Super Effective against them.

Here is a full list of Fighting type Pokemon to choose from:


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I wouldn't recommend a Fire type because you will have three Pokémon in your team with weaknesses to Rock and Stealth Rock will tear them apart.
Sorry to be an anoying noobie but what fighting pokemon would you recommend. I'm thinking maybe going for a sweeper like Mienshao, or if it needs to take a few hits a pokemon like Toxicroak? I am not very good at balancing teams :(
Mienshao would be a good Pokémon to use in your team. Other options could include Lucario, Gallade, Conkeldurr and Machamp. You could also even use Hitmontop as a Physical Attacker but also as Support and give it Rapid Spin to clear away entry hazards so your Togekiss and Drifdlim aren't taking 25% damage each time they switch in because of Stealth Rock.
I still have no Mega Evolution in my party, so Lucario is perfect thank you :)
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Togekiss, Breloom, Drifblim and Golem are all weak to Ice
Togekiss and Drifblim are weak to Rock
Lanturn and Golem are weak to Ground

These are your 3 main types that you are weak against. Since you want something with Flamethrower, that takes care of Ice Types, making you weak to Rock and Ground.
Personally, I would recommend a Water Type with high attack (since your only attacker is Breloom), like Gyarados who learns Flamethrower through TM35.

Ah, crap. I had this thing on for a 4 hours too because of school :P