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I've just reached Ecruteak City, and I'm in need of a good Electric type Pokemon that can be used for a while before I reach the higher levels. I have a level 22 Crocanaw, a level 20 Onix, a level 20 Drowzee, a level 20 Growlithe, a level 20 Machop, and a level 13 Golbat. I need something to replace the Golbat with, and I would like an Electric type, but any other suggestion will be taken into account. Please help me on my way to winning the game. Whatever Pokemon I catch will be named after the one who suggested it. Please and thank you.

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Your Electric type options are very limited in Crystal because you can't get Mareep. I would say the best option is to go with a Kadabra (or Alakazam if trading is an option) and teaching it Thunderpunch, replacing the Drowzee on your team. Drowzee can also learn Thunderpunch, and just teaching it that is an option, although Drowzee/Hypno is very weak in comparison to Kadabra. Kadabra is an incredibly powerful Pokemon ingame thanks to strong Special Attack and Speed and a wide movepool consisting of the elemental punches (which, just in case you are unaware, can be bought in the Goldenrod Department Store).

For actual Electric types, your best options are either Lanturn or Magneton, as sumwun states.
Whoa, trachy has spoken! Sure, but I would replace Drowzee quite quickly, even if Psychic types are OP in Gen 1-2(or 3?)
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Here are some good electric types
-Jolteon (get an Eevee from Bill, in Goldenrod City, then use a thunderstone)
-Electrode (get voltorb from Team Rockets base in Mahogany.
-Raichu (egg from the day care lady, it can hatch into many Pokemon, one of them is pichu)

NOTE: Mareep is unavailable in Crystal

Don't replace your Golbat, you need a flyer and Crobat is really good in Crystal.

Replace your Onix, because Steelix has really bad Special Defense, and speed so one surf can easily K.O it.

Source: Experience

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I recommend Electrode. But that's just me :P
I don't think Golbat is good. It has to wait until you get to Cianwood City to learn a flying attack, and it's almost useless until then. It's outclassed by Spearow (specifically the one from Randy), which comes already knowing peck.
thank you for your help I cant find bill though
sumwun, I meant Crobat, not Golbat. I told him to use it, until it becomes a crobat, it out-classes most flying types in gen 2
not necessarily. in game teams are usually better as the weaker Pokemon because top tier ones take so long to train; they just can't keep up until the end game, which makes it a lot harder t use them :P
The thing about Fearow is that it gets boosted experience. When Fearow and Crobat are given the same amount of experience, Fearow reaches a much higher level. Also, Fearow's STAB moves are return and drill peck, which are stronger than Crobat's sludge bomb and fly.
oh ok. Would you recommend crobat though?
No. I would recommend Fearow and Magneton.
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The one I would recommend over all other electric types is Chinchou. You can get it before fighting Chuck, so you'll be able to use it a lot more than really late-arriving stuff like Jolteon. The main thing that sets it apart even more from the other electric Pokemon is that it has an actual movepool. The combination of surf, thunder/thunderbolt, and ice beam hits every Pokemon in the game for at least neutral coverage. Even better, Lanturn gets STAB for two of those moves. In order to maintain such a nice movepool, you should put on a pool cover when you're not using it and filter it often.
If you don't want two water types on one team, then you should use Magnemite. It can't learn any water or ice attacks, but it has better special attack and more resistances.
By the way, you should probably replace your Onix with a Geodude because it can learn earthquake without a TM.

why does he need a Lanturn, when he already is going to have Feraligator, which is 10x better, and even if he didn't like his starter, he can catch Lapras at Union Cave, right after he gets surf in Ecruteak City.
oops, lapras is unavailable in crystal..
I already said. If he doesn't need a Lanturn, then he should get a Magnemite.
@CrazyCradily This is SUPER late I know, but Lapas is NOT unavailable in Crystal. It's actually one of the easiest pokemon to get in Crystal, as long as you know where it is and when it's available.

The cave you go into from Route 32 to get to the Ruins of Alph puzzles and/or Azalea Town/Route 33 (called Union Cave) has a semi-stationary Lapras every Friday without fail. You don't even have to sift through a bunch of random encounters to get it either. You can just surf right up to it, hit the A button and voila, you've encountered Lapras with a chance to catch it. If you knock it out accidentally and don't want to soft reset? No worries. Just wait til the following Friday and try again.
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Hmm... It Looks Like Raikou Would Be Your Best Bet Since Ampharos Isn't On Crystal...
You Might Want To Consider Training Your Golbat! He Is A Very Good Pokemon When He Evolves Into Crobat!

Maybe, but in Crystal, as sumwun said, Crobat's role is outclassed by the Spearow from Randy. Raikou can be pretty difficult to catch and may not be worth the trouble in some instances. They'd have to get at least a fast Lv: 39 ish or above Pokemon, put it to sleep, and then spam false swipe. Also, this may be a toll on their patience and their in game cash as they'd need to buy a lot of Repels/Max Repels
it could be easier for them to go in game with another electric type just for speed and convenience.
@Staka~ Fearow has better STAB moves, no one will argue that it doesn't. However, Crobat's value isn't just in sweeping. It's also a very reliable status inducer and trapper, getting access to poison moves, Confuse Ray, and Mean Look. This (plus its immunity to Toxic) allows it to shut down annoying bulky wall pokemon (a.k.a. Toxic Stallers, etc.) without letting the opponent switch. It's also bulkier and faster than Fearow as well, with its 130 base speed stat. Plus, if you can manage to baton pass it a swords dance or two, Crobat can wreck opposing teams.

Bottom line, Crobat has way better utility and longevity than Fearow ever could have. Fearow has base stats of 65, 65, and 61 in HP, DEF, and SPDEF respectively. By comparison, Crobat has 85 base HP, 80 base DEF, and 80 base SDEF. This doesn't sound like much of a difference, but with its already impressive base SPD of 130 vs Fearow's base SPD of 100, Crobat is able to outspeed MANY more pokemon than Fearow can and get statuses onto the opposing pokemon before they have a chance to attack. Heck, that +30 speed doesn't sound like much, but that's enough to outspeed Alakazam and OHKO it, whereas Fearow would be the one getting outsped and OHKO'ed in that matchup.

Plus, with Crobat's added bulk that Fearow doesn't have, it's more likely to survive a hit (in general) than Fearow is. Oh and their attack stats are identical (90). Less powerful STAB moves are a small price to pay for such improvements stat-wise.

Crobat is EXTREMELY useful for all kinds of roles, whereas Fearow is pigeon-holed into the role of glass-cannon physical attacker. There are too many pokemon that can outspeed and OHKO Fearow that wouldn't be able to do that to Crobat. I like Fearow, don't get me wrong. It's just too fragile and too much of a one trick pony for me to use it seriously.

My best move-set for Crobat in Gen-2 would be my wall-breaking set:
Toxic (For breaking down stall/wall pokemon)
Fly (for STAB)
Confuse Ray/Double Team/Sludge Bomb depending on strategy
Mean Look (For trapping stallers/walls)

I've lost count of how many opponents I've faced in game and in human-vs-human matchups that Crobat has saved me in. I especially love how it HARD counters that stinking Blissey Stall/Wall set that was dominating the Meta back in Gen-2. Basically, when you saw Blissey come out, all you had to do was switch in Crobat and use Mean Look. Take Blissey's first attack like a champ then use Toxic. Once Blissey is poisoned, use double team until your evasion is maxed, preferrably having a sitrus/gold berry for HP recovery if need be. By the time Blissey lands a blow, the toxic damage will have increased to at least 50% of its health every turn and it won't be long before it's eating dirt. Then you can start finishing it off with Fly. Once your opponent moves on to the next pokemon, they're going to have a hard time hitting Crobat because of all the evasion stat boosts, unless they have Swift or something like that that doesn't ever miss. I've swept ENTIRE teams with that set.

But even if you don't take into account competitive battling, Crobat's utility, bulk, and better stats (both offensive and defensive) make it a better option than Fearow.
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A good electric type to use would be ampharos, lanturn, or jolteon.

Mareep, Flaafy, and Ampharos cannot be encountered in Crystal. :P
well what game can you encounter wild ampharos?
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I must Say Jolteon. (Female)

  1. It has good Special Attack
  2. Better defense and HP than Electrode
  3. Electrode can only offer speed, Jolteon is fast enough anyway.


I would also take out Onix who has a lot of weaknesses and grab a Teddiursa and give it Earthquake for ground coverage and less weaknesses since it's attack power is great. And you could give it brick break and get rid of that Machop as well. Probably grab a skarmory. Have a tougher Squad.

Brick Break doesn't exist in Pokemon Crystal. In HG/SS it does, but not the game the OP is referring to.