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What should I do? Mareep isn't present in the game and I know water type Pokemon is weak to grass and electric.

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what about raikou?

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Excluding post-game:

  • Pichu and Elekid have a chance of hatching from the Odd Egg
  • Magnemite can be found on Routes 38 and 39
  • You can trade for Voltorb in Olivine City or find a 8 wild ones in the Team Rocket HQ. Electrode can also be found in Team Rocket HQ
  • Chinchou can be found using the Good or Super Rod in New Bark Town or inside the harbor of Olivine City
  • Eevee can be obtained from Bill in Goldenrod City and evolved into Jolteon
  • Raikou roams the region
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You forgot a few from kanto i think...
he did say "excluding post game".

I suggest Magnemite/ton until you get Raikou. Worked for me, especially because I had a flying type to switch into.