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Planned moveset:
Life orb Jolly nature
-Fake Out
-Knock Off
-Drain Punch
-Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Stone Edge is a personal fav and it has more power but Rock Slide has more accuracy and a decent chance to flinch.
Also here's the rest of my team if it helps:
Lucario (mega special)
Noivern (Special)
Tyrantrum (to be replaced with this)
Infernape (Physical)
Greninja (Special)
Aegislash (Physical)

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I wouldn't get rid of tyrantrum. Their slow but VERY powerful.

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As you have a jolly nature you may need more power so I suggest stone edge!
You may, however, be put off by stone edges chance to miss but rock slide can miss too.
Also, for your mienshaos movest, I suggest the ability regenerator and high jump kick as regenerator heals the crash damage.

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Nah I prefer Drain Punch and Life orb suits me better
Ok then.Hope I helped.
is your name skymin as in skyrim and shaymin?
It is a combination of Sky and Shaymin
It means Shaymin Sky-forme, lol.
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Depends if you're using him for competitive play or for in-game.
Stone Edge will almost secure 1HKO's on flying types, one of Mienshao's weaknesses, despite it's 80% accuracy, although Rock Slide still does the job for in-game battles.
All-in-all I suggest Stone Edge as it suits Mienshao's High Risk/Reward play-style.
Also, may I suggest Poison Jab for the newer Fairy-type weakness instead of Knock-Off? :D

Have fun :D

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Nah I'm oing for Knock Off as it really helps by removing pesky items such as orbs and lefties.