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I am making a team for battle maison and maybe a bit of battling with other players. This is the team I used for ingame, so I would still use it for things like getting money through battles and similar things.
Ive removed one of my Pokemon to see if theres anything better to use, because I was having an issue with grass pokémon in battle maison. I want to know what should be my last pokémon, to help my current team with being able to handle more types.
IVs and nature is not needed. I will only put my Pokemon because I only want to know what Pokemon to have to handle a variety of types. Moves and item suggestions would be helpful. I would also prefer if the suggested pokémon can be obtained in Alpha Sapphire. Legendary suggestions are fine if they can be caught in ORAS.

(Also if there is a problem with this question, like if it should be posted on battle subway, sorry, I can hide this post)

My team is
Diancie ( latias in battle maison)

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Diancie is banned in the  Battle Maison
Use Carbink instead xD
I know, i usually swap it out for latias but i kept it on the list because i use this team for battling friends and npcs too. I will add latias in

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Like MeGa_SePtile2 said, Diancie is indeed banned in the Battle Maison. I would recommend getting another Fairy type Pokémon, such as Sylveon:

[email protected] Helmet
Ability: Cute Charm
Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 152 Special Defense, 106 Special Attack
Heal Bell
Shadow Ball

As for your remaining team, I think you should cut Togekiss out. Having more than one Pokemon of the same type can be to your great disadvantage. If you want a great Flying type, I'd say you go for Either Hawlucha, Dragonite, or Pidgeot (if you want to mega evolve it).

Then the final Pokémon on your team... it should be a good Pokemon that will fill in the weak points in your team. Personally, I think you should have an Electric type. How about Electivire?

[email protected]
Ability: Motor Drive
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Attack, 6 Speed
Focus Punch
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch

I really hope I helped you out in some way!

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Thank you!