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Just got a shiny skrelp from it and caught it. Is my chain still going? I tried looking online but it remained a mystery. Please respond if you know or not. Thank you!


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No, it is still going. So long as you don't do anything but keep fishing, your chain will continue. If you move from your spot, access a menu, etc your chain will end.

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I do notice that the amount of shinies I get is lower after I go to a menu, though that may be a coincidence.
i might be lucky i dont know, all i know was i was healing up my Malamar(because i was battling the pokemon i was chain fishing) and Malamar was my suction cup user to make sure i get a pokemon. Oh and if you dont hook a pokemon it breaks the chain
I already know that. Under that condition though I had know idea since it was my first time getting a shiny using that method. Thanks anyways though pokenubs!
You guys really know your stuff!
They are the almighty answererers, Pokenubz and ƒιzz. They know everything :P
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As long as you dont move from the spot you start fishing in your chain will not break.


The 35 second gap :P
Thank you sooooo much! Good thing I didn't move from my spot