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Heartgold and Soulsilver
Pearl and Diamond
Black and white.

What about Platinum? Is there another game that showed up on the adds.

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In each generation there is what's referred to as a 'third game'. First they start with a pair of games, e.g. Black/White, Diamond/Pearl.

Then they essentially 'remake' the game and add a bunch more features they didn't pack into it first time. Platinum is the same game as Diamond/Pearl with a few extras like the Distortion World, Battle Tower and so on.

Since generation III there have also been remakes of previous generations. We had FireRed/LeafGreen, then HeartGold/SoulSilver. Adding another 'third game' to those would be pushing it too far.

The third games that have come out so far are:
- Yellow (gen I)
- Crystal (gen II)
- Emerald (gen III)
- Platinum (gen IV)

No word on gen V yet but I'm guessing it will be called Pokemon Rainbow! Or maybe Pokemon Grey, but that sounds pretty dull.

Game Freak bought the trademark, "PKMN GREY" last year, so that's extremely likely, unless they decide to change it.
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The reason is that it it similar to diamond and pearl. Same thing with pokemon emerald and crystal,they don't have corresponding games,but are similar to ruby/sapphire and the regular gold/silver.

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