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I was on showdown, and I switched Rotom-H into Terrakion, and Earthquake KO'd Rotom-H.

Smack Down, Gravity etc. were not in effect, Terrakion had Justified and Rotom-H had Levitate.

There was nothing that could have cancelled Rotom-H's Levitate, so bar Terrakion's held item (what held item even does that) or a glitch, I don't see any other way Rotom-H could have been hit with Earthquake.

I was right ;3
No ring target; Rotom-H was scarfed.
no terrakion had a ring target
Ring Target cancels immunities of the holder, not the target.
mebbe in gen 6 it does both

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Since it is on Showdown, and not the actual games, this most likely was a glitch.

Either that, or the Rotom-H was holding a Ring Target, which cancels all immunities that said Rotom has.

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