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Rotom Heat is being used frequently in this series, but I simply don't understand why:
Regieleki outclasses it in volt switching.
As for its Fire Coverage, Incineroar is much better alongside intimidate, fake out pressure and higher offensive presence.
Although it may appear Bulky, Tapu Fini can still easily wear it down, Specs Fini can OHKO with scald as well.

So what's genuinely great about Rotom Heat?

^^Doubles format

Idk LoL

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Rotom-H has levitate, therefore a safety googles one can take almost every **** Venusaur can throw up (it is immune to sleep powder and max quake, resists grass). Nasty plot also makes Rotom-H a good dynamax option.


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Rotom-H's main role is to check Metagross and Glastrier, two huge threats in the format. With access to Nasty Plot, it can sharply raise it's special attack, then deal huge damage. It's STABS hit a lot of Pokemon super effectively that are popular in the format, Metagross, Glastrier, Kartana, Tapu Fini, and it can also hit hard with neutral attacks after a Nasty Plot. Defensively, it's also great. Def and SpD are high and although HP is not so much, the defences make up for it. It has a lot of useful resistances as well asa ground immunity, with Glastrier only hitting in neutrally with Close Combat. Clefairy is a useful lpartner as it can help it set up Nasty Plot using Follow Me and increasing it's damage output with Helping Hand.

Hope I helped!

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Rotom heat is very good competitively for those reasons :
_it has an extremely good ability making it immune to normally a 4 times weakness.
it has good moves like volt switch keeping Pokemon that run the ability mold breaker and have ground type moves less of a threat.
having 8 resistances and 1 immunity is very useful.
I will offer a link for which will help you use a competitive heat rotom
though the Pokemon you stated can be better than rotom-H, it is still a very useful member that can survive competitively
link: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/38054/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-rotom-heat-form
hope I helped

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