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I haven't played Pokemon in a long time. I just got into it again when I heard X and Y was coming out. And I know double team is banned in Pokemon contests like VCG or other contest. My question is, is it banned in wifi battle too? Like where "Passersby" and "Acquaintances" can randomly challenge you? Because I really like this move for my Jolteon. And its stupid that they banned this move.


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> Evasion Clause - A Pokemon may not have the moves Double Team or Minimize in its moveset.
Generally, this rule will be automatically enforced in simulator play. In Wi-Fi play, a player is considered to have broken the clause when a Pokemon is revealed to have been brought into the battle with a banned move.

This is due to a Pokemon using it so much that it becomes near-impossible to hit unless the opponent has Keen Eye.

However, this is Smogon.
In battles that were challenged to you by passerby and acquaintances anything goes. If a trainer named Miror B challenges you and has 6 Ludicolo, even though that's breaking the species clause, it is still okay in non-competitive, Wi-Fi play.

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It is only banned in Smogon formats. It is allowed in every other battle - VGCs, Wifi battles, you name it.

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