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I've never been in an official competition or smogon so I've don't know what is allowed at each tier, but are there some moves banned at certain tires (even signature moves sketched by Smeargle) and if so what are they and at what tier?

Usage tiers or all formats? Generation 7 or all generations?

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There are seven moves banned in all Smogon tiers, including Uber: Double Team, Minimize, Fissure, Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, and Baton Pass (plus a few moves like Light of Ruin, Plasma Fists, and Struggle that you could consider to be technically "banned" since it's not legally possible for any Pokemon to have them in a moveset).

No lower tiers have any actual moves on their banlist in addition to those, although UU does essentially ban Clangorous Soulblaze by virtue of banning Kommonium Z.

VGC doesn't currently ban any moves, though it has in the past for causing glitches (like Sky Drop) or for being Dark Void (before they hit upon the current implementation of simply making the move fail if Smeargle tries to use it).

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Baton pass isn't banned in Ubers.
It certainly is now, with Gravity Mew into Evoboost/Sing Eevee the main culprit.
I just entered an Ubers battle on Showdown! to look at the banned moves, and baton pass wasn't one of them.
The printed clauses at the start of the battle make no mention of it, but what happens when you make an Ubers team and try to get it validated in the teambuilder?
Baton pass is allowed in ubers. I've used it before, and therefore validated it on a team before :P
How long ago was "before"? It was allowed for a while, but was finally banned just under a year ago: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/baton-pass-is-banned-from-sm-ubers.3605747/
I guess I'll report this on Smogon.
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Updating this as of Gen 8

The moves banned in Smogon Tiers (excluding AG formats) are Double Team, Minimize, Guillotine, Baton Pass, Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, and Fissure.

There's one more move I'm adding, which is the reason I'm updating this. Most of you probably don't know about this move being banned unless you play the lower tiers:

Aurora Veil

Earlier in December, Aurora Veil has been banned from Gen 8 NU. You can read about why it was banned here. Also, since Aurorus, Vanilluxe, and Abomasmow has dropped from NU to PU during the mid-December drops (which happened a few days ago), Aurora Veil is banned in PU as well because Gen 8 NU banned it.