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Charizard with Mega charizard x
Blaziken with Mega blaziken

And I switch between trevenant and florges quite a lot hope you can help me find a suitable Gen 6 or Mega for me thanks for the help

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Remember, you can only have 1 mega-evolution per-team. Now, if you mega-evolve Charizard, 3 of your Pokemon are weak to Ground.
You can solve this by getting an Ice Type. Since you already have mostly sweepers, you need a sturdy Pokemon your team can fall back on.
enter image description here
Avalugg @ Leftovers
Ability: Ice Body
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Atk
Nature: Impish (^Def vSpAtk)
Gyro Ball
Ice Fang
Earthquake (Covers 3 of its weaknesses)

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I don't want Aurorus anymore I've changed my team up a little as so:
Trevenant or Venusaur
If you still think I need an avalugg I can get it I just want to say thanks for the help and I hope you can give me some feedback on this team.
Your team is still pretty weak to ground, but now you have Greninja and Treveant/Venusaur to take care of it.
All good :D
Thank you very Much for your help looks like no avalugg then or.....
Since you have a full team, no more Avalugg. :P
OK thank you for everything