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I'm playing through a Black 2 Nuzlocke at the moment, and I just beat Burgh. My starter was a Tepig, which is now a Pignite. I plan to get the Zorua from Driftveil City as well, meaning I already have one Fighting type on the team, and I'll have a Dark type soon enough. My current team is Pignite, Patrat, Herdier, Scraggy, and Magby, most of which will be replaced eventually. I know Scrafty is an excellent Pokemon to have in Nuzlockes, but the type overlap worries me a bit. So should I keep it on the team, or should I dump it for Zorua?

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You should probably keep your Scaggy and use it if Zorua faints.
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If you don't have another plan for the Pokemon slot then of course! The more Pokemon the merrier. If you find a better Pokemon than Scrafty in one of the later routes, (like I did with Metagross on my Black 2 nuzlocke,) then I would say it's safe to ditch it. I personally did not use Scrafty in my nuzlocke, I chose Tepig and did not need him. Emboar gets access to Hammer Arm which is really good in the Elite Four.

Wish you luck!

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sumwun, in a Nuzlocke, “more the merrier” is really essential. If 2-3 Pokémon in your party faint, the other 3-4 back them up. And if you want your Pokémon higher level, grind more. Doing a Nuzlocke is not the same as doing a Speedrun. The main difference is in a Speedrun, you do not have time to grind. But in a Nuzlocke, you do. So more the merrier. Take it from a hardcore Nuzlocker.
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