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Charizard with Mega charizard x
Blaziken with Mega blaziken

And I switch between trevenant and florges quite a lot hope you can help me find a suitable Gen 6 or Mega for me thanks for the help


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Remember, you can only have 1 mega-evolution per-team. Now, if you mega-evolve Charizard, 3 of your Pokemon are weak to Ground.
You can solve this by getting an Ice Type. Since you already have mostly sweepers, you need a sturdy Pokemon your team can fall back on.
enter image description here
Avalugg @ Leftovers
Ability: Ice Body
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Atk
Nature: Impish (^Def vSpAtk)
Gyro Ball
Ice Fang
Earthquake (Covers 3 of its weaknesses)

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Thanks are their any other ice types you could recommend like aurorus I dont really like avalugg do you think I could replace any of to cover weaknesses or just have avalugg
Slowking has nice bulk, and Starmie can cover quite nicely specially as well.
But not Aurorus
You can pick Aurorus, it just has really shoddy typing you don't want.
Would there be any way to cover aurorus's weaknesses or are there other I've types
Damn, you really want Aurorus :P
Remember though, it has 6 weaknesses, and x4 to Ground and Steel.
I don't want Aurorus anymore I've changed my team up a little as so:
Trevenant or Venusaur
If you still think I need an avalugg I can get it I just want to say thanks for the help and I hope you can give me some feedback on this team.
Your team is still pretty weak to ground, but now you have Greninja and Treveant/Venusaur to take care of it.
All good :D
Thank you very Much for your help looks like no avalugg then or.....
Since you have a full team, no more Avalugg. :P
OK thank you for everything