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Unfortunately, Poke'slash's answer is incorrect. Because the save data is on something similar to a flash drive, replacing the battery should not affect the save file. Source

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This is correct. The only purpose of the battery is to manage the time elements with an internal clock.
Sorry, I got the info that it *would* delete the save data from a tutorial myself. I'll do my best to find it and post the source.
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No. I know this from multiple guides and experience. Removing the battery will delete your saved file.

but if the battery dies, nothing happens...
This is an incorrect answer and should be deleted. See answer by sumwun
Calm, this was ages ago. No need to ask the mods to delete it, I can always hide it if I can't find my other source. IMO too much drama over something from two years ago.
But fizz encourages us to correct other answers no matter how old they are.
Yeah, and that's fine if you have new info, like now. IDK maybe I was just sensitive it seemed kinda.. aggressive?