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When does the "internal battery ran dry" message display in Emerald?

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When the internal battery in an Emerald Game Pak runs dry, does the message that it did only display the first time the game is played after the running dry, or does it display every time the game is played after the running dry? My clock-based events aren't happening, but no message is displaying, so if the answer is the latter, what problem do I have and how do I fix it?

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happens with old or unmaintained cartridges I guess?

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If your battery runs dry, every time you boot up the game, it should display the message.

Source: My own Emerald

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so if the clock-based events aren't happening, but there's no message, what problem do I have?
Your battery is dying. I'm sure that it needs to be replaced.
LunarXerneas, when you replaced your battery, did anything happen to the save file?
I actually replaced it after deleting the previous file. It was a used game and wasn't my file anyway. So I don't know,sorry  for the late reply
thanks anyway. I like your new gravatar, by the way.