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Okay so it said my internal battery has run dry in both my Pokemon ruby and saphire versions so I looked on youtube 'how to change internal battery'. I had my dad change it with a CR2016 so that we wouldnt need to use glue to hold it in place. Then, I tried to use the game again. The message that the internal battery is dry was still there and my character and gameplay was there as well. Nothing changed. We tried seeing if anything that we did was wrong and nothing. Soooo confused. Help? I want the time play again!

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>A way to fix this is to have 2 GBAs(game boy advance) one GBA has your sapphire and the other one, has a Fire red/leaf green. Then turn on your GBA that has The Fire red/leaf green, then get to the screen where charizard or venasaur appears, and press b + select. THis will take you to a screen so just follow the directions. Alright, I hope your game gets fixed. (by the way, this should work, however, and I hope you don't get discouraged, but it didn't work for my friend, but it did work for me, so I wish you luck, so that your game gets fixed.


If you don't have another GBA and FR/LG, then you probably need to buy a new Ruby or Sapphire that doesn't have the battery dry.

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