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Pokemon in that link received base stat changes in X and Y.
Ill edit in which Pokemon were unavailable before pokebank, but for now enjoy that list. xD

Hope I helped. :)
I'm pretty sure all of those are pre-bank...
They are.
List is incomplete anyway. Lol. :P
are you serious, of all the stats azumarill gets a special attack increase ._.
I love how you're the only one in the whole Database who cares about Base stat changes M00, even though we all REALLY should
Wow, this is a nice question to bump up the 'annoying question total'! :D
Azumarill. That's it That's just it.

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Every Pokémon that has received a Stat Change in Generation 6 was available in Pokémon X and Y prior to the release of Pokémon Bank.

You'll find the a record of all the Pokémon with Stat Changes in Generation 6 here.

Hope I helped :)

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