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I mean, I've always wondered why BST even exists. For example, take the LC tier. Whenever I make a team, I see that some Pokemon who had a 105 base stat has fallen to 17 (without EV's and natures). So, my questions:

What exactly does Base Stat Total mean?
When will a Pokemon reach its Stat Total? For example, when will a Victini with a Serious nature have 100 Attack?
How does Smogon, or for that matter, any Pokemon game decide that this will be the will be the Exact Stat in a certain area and BST of a certain Pokemon be?

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what is bst can be answered easily but wht du actually mean by *when will a pokemon reach its bst?*
I basically want to know when will a Pokemon with a certain stat in a certain area reach that stat, excluding EVs, IVs, and natures, reach the base stat and how all of this stat total stuff works. For example, when will a Charizard reach 109 SpA and is it calculated?
First of all base stats are not changed.they are fixed stats.charizard will have 109 spa when there isnt any -spa nature coz 109 is the base for charizard
Charizard at Lvl 36 (where it is first available as it evolves from Charmeleon then) has a  SpA of 94 with 0 EVs/IVs and a Serious nature, so my points still stand.

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"Base stats" are not the numbers you see on your Pokemon's summary screen. Base stats are one of several factors that go into calculating the numbers on your Pokemon's summary screen (which you might call its "real" stats). I have illustrated this using a screenshot of Showdown's teambuilder, below:


Base stats are static numbers. They do not change when your Pokemon's level changes. Instead, they are passed into a formula that calculates your Pokemon's "real" stats. The term "BST" simply refers to the sum of a species' base stats. So, for Nidoking in the image above, 81+102+77+85+75+85=505. BST can be used as a rough gauge for how good a species' stats are overall. BST is not used in any calculations.

A Pokemon does not ever "reach" its base stat total -- it always has its base stat total, because base stats don't ever change. Base stats are used by the stat calculation formula to produce the "real" stat total. EVs, natures and IVs (which you can see in the picture above) are also used by this formula, and the Pokemon's level helps scale these numbers properly.

There is no point in knowing when Victini will reach 100 "real" stat points in Attack, because base stats are not the same as the numbers you see on its summary screen. You aren't supposed to think of it like that.

(Aside: Pokemon games have unfortunately begun referring to EVs as "base stats", even though fans have used different names for decades. Try to ignore this, the fan terminology has well and truly come out on top.)

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Thanks a lot Fizz
Hey just have to correct this.
Basestats do not ever change - they are a static statistic for every single pokemon in the game.
Basestats are most definitely used to calculate the "real" stat as you call it. The formulae is:
Stat = ((2*basestat + IV + (EV/4))*level/100+5
HP = ((2*basestat + IV + (EV/4))*level/100 + level + 10

That is how the real stats are calculated from basestats + IV(maximum of 31) and EV(maximum if 252).

Eh ok. No idea what happened here. The person i responded to had written that basestats had no effect on real stats and that them changing had no effect on the real stats either.
Feel free to just disregard this as you wrote the exact same thing i did.