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I'm into competitive battling now and I want a Pokemon that can be annoying(such as big bulk) and good at sweeping. Kingdra is obviously more for bulk but Protean Greninja is good for sweeping. Which would you recommend? And if you could, can you please tell me what item to use with them and the EV's and moves? Thanks!

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Protean Greninja all the way. Why? Kingdra relies on Rain to effectively use his ability. Greninja, however, gets a STAB boost for all of his moves which is just insane! Greninja is also faster and can hit harder if you commit to one stat. The only benefit Kingdra has over Greninja is its access to Dragon Dance which can be stopped by Taunt.

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You can trust my opinion as I have used both throughout my game: Kingdra in Gen V and Greninja in Gen VI. Greninja is great as a special or physical sweeper as it's movepool is satisfyingly big, and is used with a life-orb or a choice scarf. A Kingra with swift swim is clearly going to be found on a rain team, so a modest, choice specs one using surf is going to do BEAST damage in the rain, and in that situation probably better than Greninja. However, Greninja is a much better lead.

Weaknesses: Kingdra has 2: dragon and fairy; Greninja has 5 (until a move is used obviously): grass, electric, bug, fighting and fairy.

Hope this helped and stuffz!

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