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You can find Leftovers in Pokémon Black 2 by two ways:

  1. Either you trade one with a friend, or from Pokémon Black / White 1.
  2. Or you search in the floor of Castelia Sewers, according to serebii.
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You can obtain the Leftovers item in Pokémon Black 2 as of three ways:

  1. Find it in Castelia Sewers near the Doctor.
  2. Trade it from another Generation 5 Game.
  3. Or by levelling up a Pokémon with the Pick Up Ability to between level 81- 100. You will have a 1% chance of picking it up.

If you need more help trying to find Leftovers in Castelia Sewers, you can watch a video walk through here.

For a list of Pokémon with the Pick Up Ability click here.

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