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For my Terrakion.
It is currently holding a HARD STONE!

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It ought not to use Lefties anyway..
Terrakion prefers Life Orb's extra power / Choice Scarf's speed.

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The Leftovers is located on the bottom floor of the SS Tidal ( The ferry in lilycove/slateport)

Source: http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/leftovers.shtml and expierience

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In the top-left corner.
Are there any other locations? I missed out on getting them, and can't go get them again because you cant go back on the ferry (in the actual ferry) after your first trip.
No, and you can go back on the ferry. Ive been on it many times. You can only ride it from slateport and lilycove, it seems, and not from battle resort