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Which one is better for Lucario? Choice Band or Lucarionite? I don't really know which one is better. I know Choice Band boosts attack by 50%. And Lucarionite has adaptability. And I don't really know how to do the math here. Now some of you guys might say that it depends on the team but I just want to know which item is better in general. I don't really have a team set up. I just use whatever Pokemon I feel like using. Be it speedboost mega blaziken or other "banned" Pokemon


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Let's do the calculations. What would do more damage, a Choice Band Lucario or a Mega Lucario?

Let's do these calculations on a Level 100 Druddigon, where a Close Combat will be of neutral effectiveness.

Adamant Nature, 252 Attack EVs, and 31 Attack IVs for all Lucario calculations.
Bold Nature, 252 Defense/HP EVs, and 31 Defense/HP IVs for all Druddigon calculations.

Lucario w/ Choice Band - 220-261 | (61.4 - 72.9%)
Mega Lucario - 240-284 | (67 - 79.3%)

Mega Lucario would do 20-23 more Damage then a Lucario w/ Choice Band.
Both, however, are a guarenteed 2HKO.
Also, with Lucarionite, Lucario has the option to run mixed sets with its base 140 SpAtk stat in its Mega Evolution.

Lucarionite is better than Choice Band on a Lucario.
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For your calcs did you put it as Mega Lucario?
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i put in Mega Lucario's attack stat but I forgot it had Adaptability
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I'd say Lucarionite is more worth it in general.

Choice Band Lucario honestly isn't worth using. There are so many Pokemon that can do the same thing but better, like Terrakion or Scizor. The Lucarionite on the other hand gives it a huge buff, with Lucario having possibly the best mixed attacking stats in the game bar Deoxys. It can also run a variety of sets such as Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, or a Mixed set.