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Mega Evolution Pokemon?

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Um, I just caught Xerneas, so I am not TOO far into the game yet, but I am not sure where, or especially HOW MANY and which Pokemon have the ability to mega-evolve? I already knew that Gengar, A-snow, the Kanto starters, Mew2, Aggron, and a few others could mega-evolve, but I now realize that there's a lot more, and I just want to make sure I know exactly ALL of the Pokemon capable of mega-evolving so I don't miss out?

And also, if it's not too much trouble in my asking of one, but where are the locations of the mega stones? ALL of them, really. I have the Venusaurite and I know how to get the Char-X, I have Gengarite, and I have Lucario's of course, but I want to be able to evolve a lot of Pokemon. Sorry, I know it's a lot for just a question or two, but I don't want to miss out.

And also, for my FINAL question for this (so sorry), but how do you get wifi? I always have this error saying that it can't find the access point and all, and on my computer (it's a windows, kinda newer, I forget the exact type) the little bars near the bottom of the screen-thing aren't there. It's just a flag, the sound options, time options, and something else but it's not the wifi settings. =/ OMG I am SO sorry to use up to much space and time here, I'll just stop typing now. X3

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This lists all the Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving, and this lists all the Mega Stones and where they can be found.

As for you Wifi, your computer has little to nothing to do with getting your 3DS connected. Basically, you need an access point, a Wifi modem or router that you can connect wirelessly to your 3DS. You can connect your 3DS to the Internet by going to Settings, Internet Settings, and then setting up a connection.

If it is successful, you should be able to use Pokemon's online features.

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no...for my wifi I mean the access point IS the computer, right? and mine is just being weird...
Nevermind, I'll just use my school's wifi X3
The access point isn't the computer, it is the Wifi router or modem.