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Um, maybe I'm just impatient on this, but at what point in the game do you receive the upgrade? Cuz there's about 20 stones that aren't obtainable without it, and it's a little annoying...I already caught Xerneas, so about how much more gameplay until upgrading?


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Unfortunately the upgrade isn't coming soon. You will need to:

  1. Beat the Elite Four and Champion.
  2. Travel to Kiloude City and use Battle Maison.
  3. If you used the Battle Maison, your rival will be at the pond at the top of Kiloude City. Defeat him/her, and she will tell you to go to Anistar City's sundial.
  4. Professor Sycamore will be there. He will upgrade your Mega Ring..

Once you have the upgrade, look for the Mega Stones at 8 - 9 PM. The Mega Stones will be in their locations.

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You must get to Kiloude City before getting the Mega Ring.

After beating the Elite Four/Diantha, go to Kiloude City via the TMZ Hi-Speed Rail in Lumiose City.

Then, after using in the Battle Maison in Kiloude, your rival is near the top of the city. Once you defeat him/her in battle, she will give you the Absolite and tells you Professor Sycamore is waiting for you in Anistar City by the Sundial.

Once you go talk to Sycamore, he tells you about the upgraded Mega Ring and upgrades it for you.

Once it is upgraded, you can hunt for Mega Stones between 8-9 PM on your 3DS time.

Source: Experience.