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and if yes, as a physical or a special sweeper?(always talking about an in game team with pikachu in it).Also can I teach it iron tail in XY?


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I used Pikachu in X and Y and I loved it <3.

Pikachu, as a Special Sweeper, can learn great moves like Thunderbolt and Electro Ball with ridiculous Speed. Plus, I never evolved Pikachu (since I'm sentimental xD) and Raichu has great stats, as well. It's a great addition to your party.

Pikachu, unfortunately, cannot learn Iron Tail, however, if you get a Pikachu in BW2 and learn it Iron Tail via the Move Tutor, you can transfer it to X and Y and it can be your new party member. :D

Hope I helped. :)
Source: I played with Pikachu

i dont evovle  him too:) thanks:)
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If you were using a Raichu/ Pikachu, it would have to be as a special based Pokemon, considering that it doesn't get Wild Charge nor Volt Tackle via level up, and the TM for Wild Charge is in Kiloude City.

I personally think: Heliolisk > Raichu/ Pikachu.

- Heliolisk has Dry Skin, granting it 2 immunities (Ghost & Water)
- Heliolisk has a better movepool; I gave it Surf to deal with its ground weakness & also because my Azumarill did squat with Surf.
- Heliolisk had better sp. atk; nearly all physical electric moves either have recoil damage or aren't very powerful.

And no, you can't teach Pikachu Iron Tail. It has to be tutored that move.

i dont like heliolisk very much:/but thanks:)
It's alright; of course everyone has their own preferences for Pokemon. I only used Heliolisk because I've played with Pikachu in previous generations and wanted to try a new electric type. And I found that I liked the sun lizard, so you never know until you try. :P