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Past chain 60 in grass, you'll get 3 random perfect IVs in each Pokemon you encounter.

Does this work for chain fishing?

According to this thread on Serebii:
There will be a maximum of 3 perfect IVs after a number of consecutive fishes. I can't find the exact number though. D:
Wait, 60+ chain grants 3 perfect IVs?
*PIcks up pokéradar*
*searches for next 12 hours in Pokemon village*
2 Ditto and I can get Max IVs on 1 pokemon o3o
but they have to have different IVs -.-'
I think it's very likely that you also get 2 perfect IVs past chain 40. I got 3 shinies past that number and they all had 2 perfect IVs each. You might also get 1 perfect past 30, since I got one at chain ~36 and it had 1 perfect IV.
What the heck is IV?
Oh, wait that's a question. :D
Pokemon that have been consecutively fished 50 times do not get any perfect IVs.

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Phew! After spending an hour chain fishing,I finally got your answer.
No,chain fishing does not give 3 perfect IVs past chain 60. I was chain fishing and I caught the Pokemon that came on 61st,62nd and 63rd chain( they were Clawitzers if you are wondering) and they did not have 3 perfect IVs.They had two pefect IVs.

Hope I helped! (And I really hope you like this answer because I spent a lot of time to find the answer to this question!)

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Thanks! Do you have any record of when they had either 1 or 3 perfect IVs? :O