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I've been pondering doing SR for shiny squirtle because I'm crazy. How would you do it? Would you battle prof. Sycamore and when you see that squirtle isn't shiny in battle, soft reset? Thanks


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Yes, you would have to battle Sycamore and then reset until you get a shiny.
It's unfortunate that you have to battle him...

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I agree =/ however for some reason I've been very patient this gen. I chain fished for shiny dratini in X, and when I got Y for Christmas, I spent days soft resetting for shiny Fennekin.
well, I found a shiny murkrow by chance in a horde battle for no reason, just pure luck
I found a shiny Stunfisk by chance too.
Is it known yet if the shiny rate increased by the way? I know so many people who have found at least 1 shiny by chance, including myself, it's rediculous.
It is known, and yes, the rate increased to 1/4096. At least according to Serebii.
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You can't soft reset in X and Y.

So you will have to go the the home menu, close the game and and go into it again. But yeah, close and reopen when you see that the Squirtle is not Shiny.

Getting a Shiny will take an awful lot of time, so remember to be patient.