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Okay, here's my dilemma.

My current party is:

  • Fennekin (Fire)
  • Panpour (Water)
  • Flabebe (Fairy)

I have just arrived at Lumiose, but I've just realised I dont have any space for any of the Kanto starter types, which I will be receiving very soon. (Flabebe learns heaps of Grass moves.)

So, is it really worth getting a Kanto starter? I never really have the need to Mega Evolve during the game, since nearly everyone is really easy in-game. If I should get a Kanto starter, who should I get rid of? I don't really wanna get rid of any of them tbh they are all quite good, and Florges will be incredible. :/ But if I must...

I'm playing Y btw.


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Yes it is extremely worth it. You get a strong Pokemon for free(your Pokemon are probably like levels 9-12) and it can mega evolve. I would recommend bulbasaur because it will help against the Fighting, Grass, Fairy, and Ice gyms. Now, you may wonder why it will work well against the ice gym. It's because that when it's a venusaur and it mega evolves it gets thick fat, which halves the damage of Fire and Ice type moves, in which Venusaur is weak to. And it can take hits real well.

This part is optional

Ditch Panpour and get a Magikarp. It has helped me a whole lot as a Gyarados with Dragon Rage with the Rock Gym.

Hope I helped!

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My Pokemon are Level 15... o_o
You gave more reason why I should choose Bulbasaur, so you get the BA. Thanks.
No problem :) and gyarados is worth it
Yes, get the magikarp, ALL HAIL THE MAGIKARP!!!!
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You don't have to if you want but if you do I would recommend Venusaur because it is part poison type which adds a strength against fairy types, it also frees up move slots for florges. And as I say " You can never have enough type coverage!". Hope I helped!

Bubasaur yeah! I dont like it but it will cover electric panpour covers ice, fire braixen covers psychic,ice,fire just get something that resists flying.
Thanks, Poison-type is really helpful especially now that Fairy-type is introduced.