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for Pokemon blue which kanto starter should I pick Squirtle Charmander Bulbasaur I dont know please help!!! thanks

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TL;DR doesn't matter, just have a team with good coverage.

Assuming you're playing Red/Blue/Yellow, there is no best/worst, but Charmander is weak to the first two gyms in the games, Squirtle is effective against the first gym, and Bulbasaur is super-effective against the first two gyms. By the time you've cleared those, you'll have an adequate team to take care of other types.

You can catch Nidoran before the first gym to help Charmander, as it learns Double Kick which is super effective against Brock.... however Nidoran is also weak to water type (the 2nd gym). Which is when Pikachu in Virdian Forest will come in useful.

Or just, you know, go with your heart.

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Choose what's in your heart :)

But for me, Charmander is the best of them all. We know that Charmander is weak to the first 2 gyms but there are a lot of Pokemons to catch, right? Back to Charmander, he evolves into Charmeleon at lvl16 and then Charizard at lvl36. In the first 2 forms, a pure fire type weak against rock, ground, and water. And resistant against bug, fire, and grass. However, when he evolves into Charizard, he becomes a fire/flying type making him weak against water, electric, and doubly against rock. And is resistant against bug, fighting, fire, and grass, and steel.


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Metal claw didn't exist in Red/Blue/Yellow