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Aside from Dialgia, Palkia, Cresselia, Manaphy, Groudon, and Shaymin becuase I already have those.

P.S. I know you can get many other legendaries becuase I read it on the internet

Did you try googling it? lol

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  • scizors special missions give articunto, groudon, mew, girantina, heatran, rayquaza, and kyogre.

  • jirachi can be obtained in star cave (spindas juice unlocks wish cave)

  • darkrai by putting a mystery part in your bag going to miracle sea 3f and he will be sleeping as you spawn

  • zapdos must have secret slab or mystery part in bag amp plains 7f

  • moltres giant volcano 10f must have secret slab or mystery part in bag

  • mewtwo sky stairs 49f

  • legendary dogs challenge you at ranks Suicune at master raikou at master and entei master

  • regi's must return to dungeon after traveling with team charm

  • lugia surrounded sea 18f mystery part needed

  • ho-oh mt. mistrail 19f mystery part needed

  • celebi mystifying forest 10f mystery part needed

  • latios10f and latios5f (deeper) are in spacial rift mystery part needed

  • deoxys shimmer hill 17f mystery part needed

  • lake trio return to their homes

  • shaymin return to the peak

  • dialga return to temporal tower

  • palkia spacial rift

dang that is alot!

(note: arceus is unrecruitable)

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Go to serebii.net and look for the tab explorers of sky (or time/drkness) itll give you the wonder mail things to type in and get the dungeons with those pokes in it!

yeah but those arent the right dungeon names so dont go to serebii