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What determines how many times moves such as doubleslap, fury attack, etc., will hit? This is probably totally unrelated, but it always hits me more just when I wish it wouldn't... XD

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It's completely random unless the user has the Ability Skill Link then it always hits 5 times.

From Generation V onwards these are the percentages a multi-strike move has a chance to hit 2-5 times:

2 times- 33.3%
3 times- 33.3%
4 times- 16.7%
5 times- 16.7%

Sources: Here and here.

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As far as I'm concerned and can find out it is completely random, what ever random number your DS can think up between 2-5. However I have discovered some percentages on how likely it is to strike...
(Note these are Gen V and VI only)

2 hits = 33.3%
3 hits = 33.3%
4 hits = 16.7%
5 hits = 16.7%

Its luck really, to dodge the multistrike moves just get a fast Pokémon! x3

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Source and plenty of info on multistrike moves