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I wanna know how can I do that if there is a way.


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There is but one way...
Skill Link! This ability maximizes the amount multi-hit moves hits. Although some moves like double kick stays the same, with or without Skill Link.
List of moves Skill Link affects:

Arm Thrust
Bone Rush
Bullet Seed
Comet Punch
Double Slap
Fury Attack
Fury Swipes
Icicle Spear
Pin Missile
Rock Blast
Spike Cannon
Tail Slap
Triple Kick (gen 5+)
Water Shuriken

Edit: Oh yeah, there's one more way but it only applies to Mega Kangaskhan. It's ability Parental Bond, makes everything hit twice so it must make multi-hit moves hit more than normal right? Nope, I'm glad I checked Parental Bond's Bulbapedia Page before editing that. Parental Bond does make every one hit move into a multi-hit move though.

Hope I helped :)

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I know that skill link can do the job too. But not all Pokemon have the ability though. Is there any other way?
Actually, I found this right now: Beat Up, the amount of times this move hit depends on the amount of pokemon in your party, so max is 6.
Beat Up is not actually a move like Bone Rush or Water Shuriken. Anyways thanks for an anwser.