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So I am using my Synchronise timid Gardevoir in order to catch a Timid Nidoran / Nidorino. I keep seeing hordes, but I was wondering: which Pokémon in the horde may have the Timid Nature ?

A) Is it split ? Example: As Synchronise raises the chance of encountering a Pokémon of the same nature as the Synchronise, it will be a 50 %, but will it split on five Pokémons and be 10 % for each ?

B) Will each Pokémon have a 50 % of being Timid ?

C) Will it be ignored because of the Horde ?

Thanks in advance ^^

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Assuming this answer is correct, I would assume the one on the far left, but there is a high probability that it's split amongst the five.

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Yes, but it applies individually, so it does the 50/50 check on each Pokemon in the horde

Each Pokemon will have a 50% chance of having Timid nature so check who of the nidorans that goes first, and throw a ball at it

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