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I really need to know this also can I ask for a friend code exchange on Meta?


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You'll have to let someone else find out for you. You can get a friend who has completed their copy of X or Y check for you. Do the following:

  1. Make sure you and the checker are considered your 'Friend' on their PSS. You both have to be reigistered on each other's games, or else the Friend Safari will not be accessible.
  2. Get your checker to head to Kiloude City (a city only accessible post-game) and go to the Friend Safari house.
  3. Make your checker talk to the woman in the Friend Safari house. When you do, you'll find out your Safari type, and if you enter the Friend Safari, what Pokemon are in it.

There will be two Pokemon in your Friend Safari. Remember if both of you have defeated the league and are online at the same time, you will have access to the third Pokemon! Mysterious. xD

Hope I helped. :)

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An alternative method of finding out is by signing up to this subReddit and finding out that way rather than digging up a two year old question.

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You have to check with someone who has you registered and can go look in the Friend Safari.

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