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They are both unaware pokés with decent bulk, access to def and sp.def raising moves and great hp restoring moves. Who is the most usefull?

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Look both answers are good but I can't help but feel they have both overlooked some areas so here's what I say.

Yes clefable is better overall bulk wise and yes quagsire has the better typing of grass/water leaving it the sole grass weakness.. However quagsire outclasses clefable as a physical wall and clefable outclasses as a special wall.

What the magikarpi avenger said about clefable's boosting move poll isn't entirely true. It gets calm mind and cosmic power just like how quagsire has curse and stockpile. As a general rule I wouldn't suggest using boosting moves on walls with a few exceptions. They both get access to recovery moves which makes them even more annoying to face.

Also don't overlook clefables other good ability - magic guard. It allows it to avoid status damage which troubles most walls and as an offensive Pokemon allows it to utilise life orb with no drawbacks.

Comparing clefable to quagsire I would probably back Clefable with better overall use unlike everyone else. Why you ask? Quagsire's walling abilities are more specific than clefables. Quagsire being more physically based still falls to powerful neutral stabs being 2HKOed by stuff like Medicham's Hi Jump Kick. So Clefable more all rounded bulk would be better in my opinion. Clefable is also a better team player with access to Wish allowing teammates to heal as well.

Anyway bleh typing on iPod excuse horrible typing and stuff. Also probably a bit short I'll add more later maybe.

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thanks a big bunch!
However, quagsire is my fav poké so i use him lol please
Ya, this seems pretty legit. I guess it just matters how you battle and what else is on your team. I completely forgot about calm mind. But I was referring to which choice would be better if you were to use something with Unaware, not Magic Guard, etc. To put that into one sentence, I mostly agree with you here.
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Quagsire is more useful.

Although Clefable has more better stats, Quagsire has only 1 weakness, to Grass.
I faced Quagsire before in random matchups and they are a big problem to me. Taking only little damage, Quagsire is Very bulky.

heres an example:

RIndo Berry/Lum berry
Water absorb


Rindo Berry to weaken Grass type moves, Lum berry to wake it up
Water absorb to prevent any water type moves and turns it HP
stockpile to set up defenses
rest to heal-Lum berry to wake it up
Recycle- collect back the Rindo/Lum berry and put it to use again
Earthquake/ Waterfall- Earthquake, hits foes but not flying types or levitate-rs/ Waterfall- Hits all types of Pokemon+chance of Flinch. BOTH STAB

He was talking about either having the ability Unaware. This description has Water Absorb.
Yeah i know, but im sure he meant unaware. You did right?
He says Water Absorb. I think that's probably what he meant.
His strategy isn't too bad though, apart from the Rindo Recycling. I wouldn't have thought about Recycling Lum berries...
Personally, the set i used most often is:

[email protected] leftovers
Trait: unaware
Impish nature
252 hp/ 252 sp.def

This stops most baton passers
That works too, but I'd suggest Curse over Stockpile.
Curse works too
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I know from experience that bulky Quagsire with Water Absorb isn't the best choice as a Water/Ground. Swampert's ability (Torrent) isn't as good, but it has better stats for full-on attack than Quagsire does (which has horrible Speed). I would only suggest using Water Absorb Quagsire in Double battles with something else that knows Surf.

However, Quagsire is probably more useful than Swampert due to Unaware. Quagsire's stats are indeed less than Clefable's, but mostly just by Speed disadvantages. Clefable has a horrible stat-boosting movepool, and can learn a lot of stat-lowering moves, which makes Unaware a flaw. Quagsire on the other hand, had less weaknesses, and can learn Amnesia, Curse and Recover, which are great with Unaware, as opponents' stat boosts won't be able to level with it. Add a physical attack to that, preferably Waterfall (Earthquake would be very powerful with Quaggy, but if you give it all three of the status moves I've listed, Quaggy would be useless against Flying-types). Rocky Helmet would be a good item because if you get high enough Defense boosts, the opponent would do more damage to itself if attacking physically. Curse is good with Quagsire because its Speed stat is only useful if it's being Trick Roomed. As for the Rindo Berry, Recycling it would only waste a turn, so whatever Grass-type attack hit Quaggy first will likely wipe Quaggy out on the next turn.

To put it into one sentence, Unaware Quagsire is better than Water Absorb Quagsire or Unaware Clefable.

Quagsire is my favorite Pokémon anyway, so who am I to complain?

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Both Pokemon are good and bulky like you said. Lets do some Pros and Cons.

Quagsire Pros
~Immunity to Electric and Water (Water absorb ability) making him very useful for switching in to absorb an attack~
~He can Stockpile and Recover. I've always been a big fan of having that giant bulk~
~He can learn Power-up Punch, which can help set up for STAB Earthquake and/or Waterfall~

~(of course) The 4x weakness to grass~
~Low base stat total at 430~
~He WILL go second. Unless you like a trick room team or EV'd and IV'd out his speed to make it mediocre~

Clefable Pros
~Unbelievable Movepool~
~Stat-wise better at 473~
~Immunity to Dragon~
~Fairy type! A great type simply because of the lack of super effective moves. Poison and Steel both lack many attack moves that can pack a punch.~
~Can be great support in a Double battle setting. Follow Me and Heal Pulse~
~Has access to Cosmic Power and Moonlight to play the role of annoying bulky Pokemon~

~Low speed, not as Quagsire low, but nonetheless slow.~

Even with all of the Pros for Clefable, I would choose to go with Quagsire solely based on typing. Grass is not a very popular type and with Poison Jab available as a TM makes Clefable vulnerable before she can become bulky. Both are good choices, but Quagsire wins.