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I haven't tried it but since a Choice item adds 50%, it essentially acts as a +1 boost.
So, a +6 attack on a banded Pokemon would basically be a ... +7 (if that makes any sense).

How does this mechanic work?

I know you can't increase it more than 6 stages. I was perhaps ambiguous;
*Let's say a Pokemon has the attack stat 200.
Same Pokemon Banded would have 300 attack.
Scenario 1: +6 would take it to X4 => 200 X 4 = 800 Attack.
Scenario 2: +6 would take it to X4 +> 300 X 4 = 1200 Attack (Which is higher than a +6 would normally take it).
Which of the two scenarios is true?**

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It would be Scenario 1 since a Banded Pokémon is basically getting it's Attack increased by 1 Stage.

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Yes a Pokémon with a Choice Item can increase it's Stats but you can't increase a Stat more than 6 Stages.

So for example if you had a Pokémon with Belly Drum and Baton Pass, and you Baton Passed Belly Drum (which maximises your Attack, raising it by 6 Stages) onto a Pokémon with a Choice Band it will have + 6 in it's Attack Stat not + 7.

Why? Because Stats cannot be increased any further than + 6 Stages, the same as a Stat cannot be decreased by more than - 6 Stages.

If a Pokémon tries to increase one of it's Stats by more than 6 Stages, the move will fail. So if a Lucario uses Swords Dance three times to get a + 6 increase in it's Attack Stat, if it uses Swords Dance one more time the Move will fail unless Lucario has been switched out.

Also note that if you did increase your Stats while holding a Choice Item you would be locked into it and wouldn't be able to Attack so you would have to switch out. That's why I gave an example of Baton Passing Stat Boosts onto a Pokémon with a Choice Item.

Source: Experience and Here.

Hope I helped :)

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